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1.   我們只會收集對改善 WaCare服務和體驗有用的資料。

2.   我們秉持公開透明之態度處理資料,並且盡力使用明確之文字向使用者說明解釋。

3.   我們絕不出售您具識別性之個人資料,唯有在您要求時(或在我們的隱私權政策所述的特定狀況)才可能分享您具識別性之個人資料。

4.   我們永遠認真看待您的資料安全。






WaCare 隱私權政策


2018年 11 月 6 日

WaCare 提供的服務能讓彼此關心的重要他人,追蹤個人每日健康和體適能狀態,藉由彼此鼓勵與鼓舞使用者活得更健康、更有活力。

WaCare Privacy Policy

The goal of WaCare and all related services (hereinafter referred to as "WaCare") is to constitute a social network of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. Through the sharing and publishing of messages and health information among the members of the network, the health status of each member is taken care by each other, thus to achieve immediate care and health promotion effect. WaCare is a service provided by La Vida. When we develop these applications, we are also committed to respecting your privacy, ensuring the security of your information, and allowing you to decide whether to use and share your own information.


This Privacy Policy mainly focuses on how WaCare processes your personal information provided by you when using the WaCare service. However, this Privacy Policy does not apply to companies that La Vida does not own or control and to individuals that WaCare does not employ or manage.

1. We will only collect information for the purpose of providing and improving WaCare's services and experiences.

2. We uphold the open and transparent manner when processing personal information, and make every effort to use clear text to explain to the users.

3. We will never sell your personally identifiable information (“PII”) and may only share your personally identifiable information when you request it (or in the specific circumstances described in our Privacy Policy).

4. We always take your information security seriously.

To learn more about how we collect, process and use your information, please read the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us at

WaCare enable  people who care about each other to track daily health and fitness status, and encourage and inspire each other to make users live healthier and more energetic.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

The WaCare Privacy Policy will be appropriately modified in response to technological development trends, revisions to relevant regulations, or other changes to implement the protection of user privacy. The revised terms will also be posted on the website or the application immediately, without further notice to individual members.


What information do we collect and how do we use it?




Some information is required when creating an account on our Services, such as your cellphone number, email address, date of birth. You may also connect to other services to establish WaCare account. If so, we may require the authority to access your basic information, such as name, profile pictures and contacts or friends on the services. We’ll access the contacts list on your cellphone that you can distinguish other WaCare users in your contacts list. We do not store your contact list and delete it after it is used for adding contacts as friends.




You can personalize your WaCare experience by adding additional types of information, such as photo diaries, setting health tasks, editing personal files, uploading personal health information(activities, sleeping, blood pressure, blood glucose, examination report, date of return, medication record, and etc.) or using photos you upload to make your personal profile more special or engage in group discussions, or Send a message to your WaCare friend. Whenever you attach such information, we collect them and store them in your own WaCare account.


For viewers who do not have a WaCare account, WaCare will still collect their information. As long as you browse the website or use the app, we collect information about your browsing experience, including but not limited to your browser type, operating system, page URL that redirects you to the website, and your execution. Different actions, as well as the IP address of the web page you are browsing. This information is used to provide you with an experience of your location and to ensure that the website is functioning properly. We also collect cookie information. For a complete list of the cookies we use and how to use them, please read our Cookie Policy.



When you sync your device, your activity information will be transferred from your device to our server. This information will be saved to provide WaCare Service. We also record the transmission information every time you synchronize. The recorded information includes the time and date of synchronization, the power consumption of the unit, and the IP address at the time of synchronization.


Authorization of information in My Health Bank

By agreeing to this privacy policy, you consent to our access to your information in the " My Health Bank" and authorize us to obtain, access and use your " My Health Bank" through this service and other related applications. The “My Health Bank” system is an online health information search system established by the Health Insurance Department's website since September 25, 2014. It provides health insurance coverage for individuals with health insurance coverage and access to personal health information at any time to promote self-management.

Information in the health passbook may include the following personal data:

I. Western, Chinese, and dental outpatient and surgical, medication information

II. Hospitalization information;

III. Allergy information;

IV. Inspection data;

V. Image or pathological examination data;

VI. Discharge medical record summary;

VII. Instrumental donation or peace ease medical will;

VIII. Adult preventive care results;

IX. Vaccination information;

X. Health insurance card status and collar card record;

XI. Premium billing details;

XII. Payment details of insurance premiums.

* For more information on the "My Health Bank", please refer to the official website of the Central Health Insurance Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of TAIWAN, the Republic of China:



Shopping from our online store

If you purchase merchandise via your WaCare account, you agree us to store your shipping address and provide our business partner to fulfill your order. We will NOT store your credit card information. Such information will be processed by our third-party payment vendors.




Whenever you contact WaCare for assistance, we collect your name and email address and other information that you provide in your request to provide our customer service and to improve WaCare Service. You may also contact WaCare through a public forum such as Instgram or Facebook. However, if you contact us through these public forums, we will not be able to guarantee the confidentiality of your communications.



To make your health even more active, in WaCare, you may add friends who are already WaCare users, or invite friends who are not yet. There are many ways to join your friends, such as providing their email address, accessing an account on a social networking site such as Facebook, or reading your phone's contact list. If you share a friend's contact information with us in order to join a friend, we will not use it for any other purpose. We do not store a list of contacts on your phone and will be deleted immediately after use.




Positioning functions such as mapping only work after you activate it. Once activated, WaCare collects the following information: GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and base station ID to determine your exact location. We will store this information along with your other account information to provide you positioning service. If you use mapping, your positioning information will be provided to our mapping service providers so that they can pinpoint your location on the map. Suppliers are subject to contractual restrictions and may not use such information for other sharing or use. You may disable these features at any time, and WaCare will stop collecting this information immediately.



To use WaPro expert consulting platform services

The WaPro expert consultation platform service is a platform established by us to seek expert consultation on health-related issues. You can use this service to search for a list of experts, store your favorite experts, recommend experts to other users, and consult by video call. In order to provide the services you need, we will access the WaPro expert information you have stored and record the information of the WaPro experts  you have contacted. We have verified the professional licenses and institutional documents of WaPro experts in WaPro services, but please do not ask WaPro experts to provide any medical practices or services that may violate the law through the WaPro service.




WaCare uses your information to provide you with the best experience to help you achieve your daily health goals and to improve and protect WaCare. Here are some examples:


●     Your personal information such as name, gender, age, health history, etc., is used to establish emergency card.

●     Contact information is used to send notifications to your account, to allow other WaCare users to add you as friends, and to send new features or product information that we think you may be interested in.

●     Your information will be used for research purposes to facilitate understanding and improvement of WaCare's Services.

●     Records and other information will be used to debug WaCare Services; to detect and eliminate errors, fraud or other criminal activity; and to enforce WaCare Terms of Use ( “Agreement”).

●     Non-Identifiable information that does not identify you may be used to inform health-care community about trends; for marketing and promotion; or for sale to interested parties. For more information, see To share Non-identifiable information.

●     We may use your information to debug WaCare Service, implement WaCare Terms of Use, and / or detect and rectify errors, fraud or other criminal activities.

What information will be shared with third parties?


First: NO personal identifiable information (“PII”) of you will be sold by us. We will share your personal information only when it is necessary to provide WaCare Services, through identification and aggregation, or if you ask us to share it. We will not be responsible for protecting your privacy on third-party websites or using its services. This Privacy Policy only binds the information we obtain in our Services. Before you visit other websites or services, you should read the Privacy Policy established by the third parties.





Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is information that contains a personal identifiable data, such as your name, email address, or address, or any other information that may be used to identify you. We will only share PII information under the following circumstances:

●     Share with companies that are bound by contract and provide us with services such as order fulfillment, email management and credit card processing. These companies must comply with the contract to protect any PII received from us.

●     If we consider it necessary to comply with legal, regulation or legal processes. If we want to post your information, we will endeavor to send you an e-mail notification in advance, unless the court directly prohibits it, or its requirements and legal process are directly linked to legal investigation. If the latter, we will ensure that the user information disclosed is treated as confidential.

●     If necessary, such as sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or reorganization related to our company, your PII may be sold or transferred as part of the transaction, as permitted by law. The same commitment in this privacy policy is also transferred to your new entity with your information.



Non-Personally Identifiable Information (non-PII)

Wa may share or sell non-Personally Identifiable Information (“non-PII”) with partners and the general public in several ways, such as providing health or fitness-related research or reports, or providing them as a premium service. In providing this information, we use legal and technical methods to ensure that the information is not identifiable and can not be traced back to you.



 COOKIE policy

We uses third-party service providers to analyze online activities and improve our Services. For example, we analyze visitor activity on our sites or evaluate the effectiveness of official activities to understand how visitors use our Services.

• Mixpanel: We use Mixpanel to understand how users use the WaCare service.

• Google Analytics: We also use Google Analytics to analyze cookies to understand how users use the Services,  in order to improve your experience.




You can ask us to share your information with other people. For example, you may send a friend invitation to your Facebook or Google Account; as long as you ask us to share your information with third parties, that information will be governed by a third party's privacy policy.


Preset privacy settings

The preset privacy settings of your new WaCare account will only show the minimum amount of information. You can adjust your privacy settings on your account settings.


WaCare Social Network Tools

WaCare offers you various ways to share information with other WaCare users, such as Olympic Sports Ranking, health tasks, or in a chat room by posting comments to other WaCare users. When you interact with others in any of these ways, the information you show is based on the visible settings under the privacy settings of your WaCare account. Please be sure to identify any specific policy regarding any challenge from time to time to understand what other people will see.




Your personal information will be protected by a secure password. You need to decide and protect the password appropriately to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal account. After the account has been registered, please be careful not to allow any other to use your computer or mobile device to access your account.

We will do our best to protect your personal information to ensure your privacy. However, you understand and accept that we are still unable to fully guarantee the security of your personal information. The illegal invasion or use of your account, the failure of hardware and software or other factors may still endanger the security of your personal information.

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