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WaCare遠距健康獲邀外交部與衛福部共同舉辦的『2020 臺灣全球健康論壇 (Global Health Forum in Taiwan) 』

WaCare遠距健康 很榮幸於 10/23 本週(五)獲邀外交部與衛福部共同舉辦的『2020 臺灣全球健康論壇 (Global Health Forum in Taiwan) 』擔任講者,分享WaCare遠距健康的成果。



歡迎各位,一起加入我們。 關於計畫: Parallel 3: Innovation and Future Prospects of Integrated Ageing Healthcare Telehealth in Preventive Medicine: Smart Social Network for Enhancing Health Literacy and Behavioral Change Prof. Ren-Hao Pan Founder, WaCare Telehealth, La Vida Tec Co., Ltd. Abstract In this aging generation, the demand for healthcare has increased significantly. Healthcare resources are highly concentrated in urban areas due to the effect of urbanization. This widening the gap between urban and rural areas brings a significant challenge for healthcare promotion in remote areas. Nowadays, with the rapid development of telecommunications infrastructure, broadband networks, and streaming technologies, the gap of healthcare accessibility could easily be solved by applying the telehealth in remote areas by digitally connecting urban healthcare professionals with rural residents. This speech will share how our team overcomes distance barriers by using digital health and social network technology, and how attracted a large number of health-related experts to contribute their expertise online with an uber-like telehealth platform, providing diverse types of professionals for people in remote areas to solve various health needs. Also, by collecting medical and personal health data via telehealth from rural communities, community health workers can better understand the disease patterns and health education requirements of residents and elders and make customized health promotion arrangements according to their needs for enhancing health literacy and behavioral change. Through this online telehealth feature, anyone anywhere can access to professional online consultation and capacity building curriculum services, allowing experts to support caregivers remotely, solve problems encountered in healthcare service, capacity building, and achieve preventive medicine.

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